Pizza Topped Pizza Just Broke the Internet

In case you weren’t on the internet yesterday and missed out on the greatest invention of the 21st century thus far, let me fill you in –there is a pizza topped with more pizza and it is amazing. Truly a testament to human ingenuity, and to our proclivity for tasty stuff covered in cheese, the pizza is exactly what you imagine, its a pizza with tiny little slices of pizza all over it. And as you can imagine, when photos of the pie found their way to the interwebs, cyberland responded accordingly –tweets, and likes, and reddit threads, oh my! And best of all, this mouthwatering addition to pizza universe is located right here in New York, Williamsburg to be precise, at the well-loved Vinnie’s Pizzeria.

Vinnies Pizza

Sean Berthiaume, employee of Vinnie’s and inventor of the new Pizza-pizza, claims that, much like an oreo, there’s no wrong way the eat his new creation. This is a dude who knows what the people want… and it’s pizza, lots and lots of pizza –so, as far as he was concerned, why not give it to ’em, right? Well played, Berthiaume, you’ve handily broken the internet and blown our collective minds. And while the new creation has yet to make its way onto the permanent menu, if demand continues to be this high, I’m sure we’ll soon be able to order up a pizza-topped-pizza anytime we want.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria

148 Bedford Ave


Source: Eater

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