Chipotle Tries Chorizo (Again)

Taste test, take two.

Chipotle is adding chorizo to its list of new meat options — again. And it’s first rolling out in the Kansas City area for local trial.

Chipotle gave chorizo a go back in 2011 in NYC restaurants, using a recipe developed by their culinary consultant (in 2010) and James Beard Award-winning chef Nate Appleman. That said, his spicy sausage was not a success.

Chris Arnold, spokesman for the company, told The Huffington Post that, “Ultimately, we didn’t like that recipe, but liked the idea.” The truth hurts, huh. “This [new] one is a different recipe, and we’re really happy with it.” But, Appleman is still involved in the new chorizo venture. No hard feelings there, apparently.

In both Mexico and Spain, traditional chorizo is made of solely pork and a combination of spices. Chipotle’s recipe, then and now, is a mix of pork and chicken… whether on account of food costs or “special, secret recipe,” the world may never know.

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