Video: What Happens When You Give a Bro Some Rosé?

Rosé’s resurgence in the US is arguably the most impressive comeback in the wine and spirits industry as of late. In 2013, American rosé sales soared a staggering 40%, succeeded by another 25% growth the year after. And while we’re still second to France, the US consumes 12% of “summer water.”

Believe it or not, men now account for 45% of all US wine consumption. And guys are finally acknowledging what women have known for years: rosé is delicious and sophisticated. Mary McAuley, founder of Ripe Life Wines and producer of the Clambake Limited Edition Rosé, set out to debunk the hard-quitting manly taboo that rosé is reserved for the fairer sex. So, we asked some guys to give the wine a whirl, and the result? We call it: The Brosé Effect.

Check out the rosé we used in the video (it’s delicious)!

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