Prosecco Bottles Undergoing Massive Recall Due to ‘Spontaneous Shattering’

You know prosecco, right? That sort-of-champagne without the actual-champagne price? Well, turns out, owning a bottle these days makes you quite a badass, as apparently that bottle on your shelf may be due to explode at any moment. Opa!

More than 15,000 bottles of Italian Prosecco Brut I Duencento have been recalled by the Wine Society after several reports of bottles “spontaneous[ly] shattering” in members’ wine racks. Though the incidence rate has been small and, thankfully, no one has been injured, the Wine Society has stated that their decision has been a necessary precaution and they have recalled all remaining bottles of this particular wine.

However, a recall of this size is doubly bad news for the sparkling wine¬†world, as news of an upcoming prosecco shortage has been rumored, due to last year’s poor harvest. The shortage, combined with a massive increase in prosecco sales in the last few years, on top of this recall may mean a perfect storm of sorts for fans of the bubbly beverage. Best run out and grab a few bottles right now, friends. Just be sure to drink them¬†before they have a chance to explode.

Source: TheDailyMeal

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