Corona Shortage May be Coming, Stock Up on your Mexican Beer

Just when Corona fans thought they were out of the woods, having survived last year’s lime shortage, a new and even more severe deficit has arisen –prepare yourselves, winter is coming. Constellation Brands has announced that, due to huge increases in Corona’s popularity, they may be unable to keep up with this summer’s demand –that’s right, a full blown Corona drought is on the horizon. You fans of the drink better stock your fallout shelters with Coronas and hunker down until someone figures out how to make more of the liquid summer you know and love.

Constellation is in the process of expanding it’s main Corona brewery (to the tune of $1.5 billion) in order to keep up with the demand. Not only that, but they are attempting to find a good location for a second, even larger brewery in sunny California. And it’s not just Corona that’s the problem either, Constellation’s other brands, Modelo and Pacifico, have also see a huge increase in sales, growing by 12% in just this past year.

Let’s hope that Corona steps up its game in time for the worst of the summer heat. But until then, I guess Tecate will have to suffice –the only beer, in this writer’s humble opinion, that actually tastes better in a can.

Source: FirstweFeast

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