New Beer-Based Beauty Products for Men

Men, the time has come, there’s now a brew for your hairdo.

Denmark-brewed Carlsberg beer dominates 8% of the global beer market and they’re branching out into beauty products. Hear me out.

Carlsberg’s Beer Beauty is the new line of men’s grooming products, including shampoo, conditioner and body lotion, made from (0.5 liters) freeze-dried beer and organic ingredients. Those natural ingredients in Carlsberg lager — hops, yeast, and barley — are rich in proteins and vitamins that are good for your hair.

Carlsberg’s international media director, Jim Daniell, told AdWeek that the line launched as a “humorous take on male grooming,” though it’s a serious product considering the proven benefits of beer for your hair and skin. Hollywood’s own Catherine Zeta-Jones is known to crack a beer for her grooming routine.

Maybe this will be incentive for the 54% of American men found to use no personal grooming products at all, in a recent survey.

So, in short, guys get your groom on and shower responsibly.

Source: AdWeek

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