New Shake Shack to Open at Queens Center Mall in 2016

Pretty soon, fans of Shake Shack will no longer have to buy a plane ticket or go to a baseball game to get their burger fix in Queens. A company spokesperson has announced that Shake Shack will be opening a new location in the Queens Center Mall. Previously, the only Queens locations were JFK Airport and Citi Field –not exactly the most convenient spots for the casual passerby.

The new Queens Center branch is supposed to be up and running sometime in 2016, though it seems that’s as specific as it gets, for the time being. And while the date may not be totally set, the spot sure is –apparently it will be setting up shop where the Urban Outfitters used to be. Sorry, hipster fankids of 90’s grunge, you’ll have to purchase your flannels elsewhere. And, while it may be a sad day for the Outfitters, it’s great news for lovers of Angus beef, crispy golden fries, and Concrete custard shakes.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the specific opening date, when it’s announced. For now, Queens residents, be comforted in knowing that Shake Shack is coming, hopefully before winter.

Source: dnainfo

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