Holographic Ads in our Grocery Stores

We’ve officially entered the future.

Mondelez, the global snacks division of Kraft Foods Inc., unveiled the first-ever holographic display ads in a grocery store this week.

The new displays are the centerpiece of a larger ad campaign built around soccer, called “Pass the Love.” The holograms show a spinning soccer ball with the Honey Maid, Chips Ahoy, and Ritz logos, “the official snacks of US soccer,” and a brief video clip of American soccer star Alex Morgan.

How does it work? The ad’s high-definition image is projected onto a translucent screen from a small, holographic projector perched on a shelf of Mondelez products. The soccer ball then appears to be floating and rotating in the middle of the aisle when looking at it straight on. These special ads can be seen at select K-Mart, Price Chopper and Food Lion locations across the country.

Stephen Chriss, Senior Director, North America Consumer Engagement and Marketing Services at Mondelez International, said, “Our snack brands are leaders in finding creative ways to interact with consumers in real time through digital technologies, and we’re excited to bring our #PassTheLove campaign to live in such an engaging way at retail during a time when the entire country is buzzing about the sport of soccer.”

Companies like Nike, Nokia, and even Duane Reade have all experimented with holographic displays in the past, but these new holograms in the cookie aisle are both cool and kind of creepy.

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