Sriracha Sushi –It’s a Thing!

Do you love sushi? More importantly, do you love sriracha? Well this is your lucky day, folks, because some bonafied genius just figured out how to combine both into one amazingly delicious snack. That’s right, sriracha sushi. Who says it’s gotta be nori anyway, huh?

This is a fun alternative to traditional sushi, although the strong flavor of the sriracha certainly changes the dish (so don’t go in expecting it to taste exactly the same as regular ol’ sushi). To that end, it’s best to choose filling ingredients that have a similarly strong flavor, or at least stronger than fish, as that mild taste can end up totally masked by the sweet spicy goodness of the sriracha.

Check out the recipe below to learn how to make sriracha sushi –plus great sushi rice, too.


  • 1 1/2 cups white short-grain Japonica rice, or medium-grain California rice
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • Sriracha
  • filling (veggies, avocado, fish, etc)

Steps for Sushi Rice

1. Rinse the rice to remove the starch.

2. Place the rice into pot along with two cups of water.

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3. Bring water and rice to a boil, reduce heat, and allow to simmer for about twenty minutes, stirring occasionally

4. Remove from heat and allow rice to sit for ten minutes.

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5. Put vinegar in a pot over medium heat.

6. Slowly add in sugar and salt, stir until dissolved, then let cool to room temperature.

7. Place rice in a bowl (wooden or glass, not metal) and pour a small amount of the vinegar mixture in.

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8. Flip rice with a wide spoon or rice paddle.

9. Continue the process of adding vinegar then flipping the rice, until rice is shiny and covered in the vinegar mixture.

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10. Cover the bowl with a moist towel or plastic wrap, store up to twelve hours. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Steps for Sriracha Sushi

1. Preheat the oven to 200°F

2. Spread a few tablespoons of sriracha onto a silpat or sheet of wax paper, then place that on a baking sheet.

sriracha on silpat

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3. Tilt the pan back and forth so that the sriracha forms a large, thin sheet.

4. Put the baking sheet in the oven for approximately 1.5 hours (when done, the sriracha sheet should be dry, but not brittle, like nori).

Sriracha nori

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5. Spread the sushi rice across the sriracha sheet, leaving a strip at the end of the sheet empty.

6. Place whatever filling you want in a strip on top of the rice.

Sushi rice and filling

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7. Roll the sriracha sushi just like you would with normal sushi.

8. Dab a bit of water along the bare strip of sriracha at the end to seal the roll.

Sriracha sushi roll

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And there you have it! Delicious and different sriracha sushi. Though you may be tempted to slice the roll as you would traditional sushi, we recommend you just eat it whole, like a wrap as the sriracha shell can sometimes rip unless it’s cooked perfectly. But, hey, who wants to share anyway; dig in and eat it all at once!

Let us know how your sriracha sushi turns out in the comments below. Got any favorite suggestions for great filling choices? Tell us about that, too!

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