Unveiling: Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich

After the opening of David Chang’s ‘fast food’ joint, Fuku (serving up some serious spicy chicken sandwiches) and the plotting of a massive Chick-fil-A in Manhattan, there’s emerged a new player. Shake Shack’s introducing a chicken sammy of their own.

The ChickenShack. Available today. Checkmate.

Rather unexpectedly, Shake Shack announced the unveiling of their first-ever chicken sandwich offered exclusively at Brooklyn Shacks as of today, for a limited time only. They had only filed the trademark application for the “chicken shack” two short months ago. According to their press release:

The ChickenShack ($6.29) is a crispy all-natural and antibiotic-free chicken breast with lettuce, pickles and buttermilk herb mayo.

When it comes to summer, nothing goes better with a picnic-perfect crispy chicken sandwich than an ice cold Shack-made peach lemonade (Regular: $2.75/Large: $3.50) or a cold and creamy Brooklyn Pie oh My concrete (vanilla frozen custard blended with a slice of Four & Twenty Blackbirds strawberry balsamic pie; Single: $4.50/Double: $6.75), exclusively at the Brooklyn Shacks.

There’s been no news in regards to when the ChickenShack will land in Shacks outside of Kings County, but we can only hope for sometime soon.

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