95-Year-Old Lobster Spared by Long Island Restaurant

Stephen Jordan, of Jordan Lobster Farms in Island Park on Long Island, couldn’t believe his eyes when a 23-pound lobster arrived in a shipment to his restaurant this week.

The fisherman who delivered this behemoth, John Price, who’s in the Bay of Fundy on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine, estimates that this lobster is roughly 95 years old — based on its size and weight. Experts say that we don’t usually get to see the lobsters that live at the depths of the ocean, which can age up to a century like this. Normally, Jordan’s customers come in for five, seven or even 10-pound lobsters (and we thought those were big…).


Jordan told CBS, “It’s like a dinosaur. You’d like to see it continue on,” which was the logic behind his decision to donate the crustacean to the Long Island Aquarium, though not before Jordan Lobster Farms’ customers enjoyed posing alongside it for photos.

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Source: CBS New York

2 responses to “95-Year-Old Lobster Spared by Long Island Restaurant”

  1. Ⓜe says:

    “It’s like a dinosaur, you’d like to see it continue on” 95-lb lobster spared by restaurant

    You mean “year” not “lb” because that is just some crazy shit

    • David Cogen says:

      Ha, I added that and fixed it immediately after (literally in 10 secs). You must have had just perfect timing ;P
      And yes, a 95-lb lobster would be shit of the craziest variety…

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