How to Stock Your Home Bar

I’m a real estate agent who has also worked in the food and drink industry for 20 years. Recently, I’ve realized that these two things are wildly similar. You are helping people, listening to people, solving problems and giving advice not only about real estate but about life in general. During some of my recent home searches I’ve had numerous clients ask me for advice about buying a home along with how to stock a home bar. It’s really exciting to move into a new place and be able to entertain in your own customizable space. I’ve compiled a list of some of your home bar essentials to get the ball rolling! Hope this is helpful guys!

I’ve also posted some of my favorite home bar photos in my story on Instagram! So, check that out to get some inspiration for your home bar. Some of them are super sexy! Davina’s Insta Story!


These are the base of any cocktail so you will need to grab some of the essentials. You can drink these on the rocks, neat or in a mixed cocktail. These are some of my favorite spirits but feel free to add your own within your personal budget.

Gin – Beefeater, Plymouth, Ford’s, Tanqueray, Bombay, Never Sink, Barr Hill, Greenhook

Bourbon Whiskey – Basil Hayden, Widow Jane, Knob Creek, Bulliet Bourbon

Rye Whiskey – Michters, Bulliet, Templeton Rye, Old Overholt

Single Malt – Macallan 12, Oban 14 (this is an expensive category so grab one you like or omit – I like to have one on hand)

Tequila – Espolon, Herradurra, Tierras, 123 Organic, Pasote

Rum (light or dark) – El Dorado, Goslings, Meyers


Dry Vermouth – Dolin Dry, Noilly Prat

Sweet Vermouth – Carpano Antica, Dolin Sweet

Orange – Cointreau, Grand Marnier

Bitter Elements – Campari, Aperol

Amaro – Montenegro, Cardamaro


Angostura Bitters

Orange Bitters – Hella Cocktail makes a great one

Peychaud’s Bitters

Walnut Bitters

Tools to Look Like a Boss

Cocktail Shaker (duh)

Julep Strainer

Mixing Glass



Bar spoon

Fine Mesh Strainer

Hawthorne Strainer

Confidence (you got this)!!!

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