Triscuit Gives Away Herbs In Madison Square Park

Ever have chives shoved in your face while walking down the street? Yea, me neither, but today I was handed a small pot with a kit for growing chives inside. This apparently was all part of Triscuit’s new movement called “Home Farming”. After I was given the chives growing kit, I walked into the park where Triscuit had setup tents displaying their crackers with all these homegrown herbs and homemade cheeses on them. There was also a tent where you could grab a herb growing kit, plant the herbs in a pot, and bring it home to help get you started. I have to admit, it did inspire me to keep the kit they gave me and bring it home to start my own herb garden.

Whether you have a green thumb or not, this was obviously intended to make it easy for you to grow fresh herbs at home. Now, obviously, Triscuit wouldn’t mind it if you then put these herbs on their crackers when their full grown and who can blame them.


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