Oh, Honey Mascapone Gelato @ Brooklyn Larder

I love Brooklyn Larder. It’s packed with delicious gourmet goodies and they make some pretty amazing sandwiches. Be prepared to pay the price it’s not cheap, but the quality of the foods and cheeses are totally worth the splurge. I stumbled upon their honey mascapone gelato after seeing a woman standing in line holding 3 pints of it. I had to ask if it was really that good. She said it was pretty amazing so of course I gave up my place in line and had to grab a pint. I refuse to buy this stuff anymore because that first day I honestly ate the entire pint. I couldn’t put it down. It’s a really unexpected flavor combination that is quite addictive. Brooklyn Larder seems like it would be a snobbish gourmet shop, but its quite the opposite. I went in looking to put a comprehensive cheese plate together for a party I was throwing and they let me taste everything and even gave me some pointers on how to wow my guests with my “cheesy” knowledge. For all you foodies out there Brooklyn Larder is worth the trip. Go try a sandwich or a fancy gelato you won’t be disappointed.

Brooklyn Larder

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