Lucas Candies Chocolate

You might have never heard of Lucas Candies, but did you know that they’ve been around longer than Hersey’s? This chocolatier that has been family owned for four generations still uses the same recipe that came over with the five original Lucas brothers from Greece in 1896. They even create their chocolate confections in the same building. Despite all this tradition though, they aren’t afraid to get a little progressive with their treats.

Take the PMS bar for instance. Even though I don’t have a menstrual cycle, it’s definitely one of my favorite candy bars. It stands for Peanut butter, Milk chocolate, and Crushed potato chips and, as the name suggests, it’ll most likely quell any girlfriend’s rage once a month. I wouldn’t offer it to her by saying “You’re PMSing, eat this” but, it might help to leave one out nonchalantly on the table within her vision, you know, like how they feed lions in the zoo.

The PMS bar has a great creamy texture to the milk chocolate (reminds me of a Cadbury bar personally and that’s a great thing) and it’s paired well with the perfect amount of peanut butter. The potato chips are also quite proportional to the rest of the bar as well; not too many so you feel like you’re pouring the end of a bag of Lay’s down your throat, but enough that you know why they are included in the name. All in all, truly a great treat regardless of gender.

Besides their PMS bar, the other chocolate delights that they sell with a slightly odd name are their Gobs. Not sure where that name came from, but they are actually quite delicious. The Gobs come in two varieties, Dark Chocolate Gobs and Milk Chocolate Gobs. They both have a marshmallow center covered in caramel situated on a graham cracker bottom that is then covered in either Milk or Dark chocolate to form this amorphous yet delicious, well, gob (ah, now it makes sense).

While these two are my favorite from their classic collection, they do have a bunch of other chocolate goodies that are worth a taste including Chocolate Covered Oreos, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Nutter Butters, Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers (noticing a bit of a pattern here), and many more. Take a look at what else we had the pleasure of trying below or head over to their site to see what else they create. Let us know what you think of them if you try them!


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