5 Unconventional, But Great, Study Snacks

This is a guest post by Jenny Wang. Jenny is a Institute of Culinary Education graduate, private chef, and food consultant. Oh, and she’s also who we go to for anything Asian…

Vending machine snacking: it’s practically an epidemic at business school. It’s just too easy to fall prey to those “healthy” Nature Valley bars or chocolate-covered peanuts (all good fats, you tell yourself). But there are delicious and nutritious alternatives! And I don’t mean that reused-and-replayed suggestion of Greek yogurt. So this semester on those late study nights, reach for these bites instead:

1.      Eden Foods Caribbean Black Beans

Yes, this indeed comes in a can. And yes, they are f****** delicious, just by itself. If you fancy yourself a chef, you can easily make them into a dip as well (just drain & blend with cream cheese). Black beans are high in fiber and protein to keep you fueled for the night ahead. So drop into any supermarket and pick up a few cans to stash in your locker!

2.      Air-Popped Popcorn 

Popcorn is actually a healthy snack that has unfortunately been used as a vessel for various fatty toppings. However, it is easy to make your own air-popped popcorn by justmicrowaving corn kernels in a brown paper bag (3 tbsp kernels for 1 minute and 30 seconds in a sealed paper bag). If you are too lazy to pop your own popcorn, local artisan Pipcorn makes a great (albeit more expensive) alternative.

3.      Frozen Grapes (or blueberries!)

Alright, these require a little bit of pre-work. However, they are absurdly delicious! Just wash and pat dry the grapes before putting them in a Zip-lock to freeze overnight. Pick up the next day and enjoy your mini grape popsicles!

4.      Kimchi

Alright, this one can get a bit smelly and it’s probably a good idea to be toting around some gum to chew on after. However! Kimchi is a great food in aiding digestion, is a dose of vegetables, and most definitely satisfies hunger with its strange deliciousness. Mother-in-law (pictured) is my personal favorite but you can also buy quality kimchi inKoreatown by the bucket for much cheaper.

5.      Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps

Before you begin to doubt, do your skeptical self a favor and go buy a bag at Whole Foods. This stuff is addicting and has the nice nutritional benefits of brown rice. It also pairs very well with beer! This new version also boasts less sodium than traditional norimaki arare.

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  1. Debi says:

    wow. I can’t believe I of all people, I didn’t realize that I can make my own and (avoid the chemicals) in the store bought versions. Thanks Davina!

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