How to Filet a Fish (Video)


If you are fileting a fish, whether large or small here is an expert to show us how it’s done. We’ve spent some time in Rockland, Maine with some of the most skilled fishermen in the world. Jamie from Jess’ Fish Market skillfully takes apart a halibut and shows us how to get beautiful fillets. Don’t be intimidated, go to your local fish monger and grab a whole fish and try and get your own beautiful fish filets.


1. You have to remove the head and any fins that might be in the way

2. Cut along the spine of the fish on one side

3. Run your knife all the way down the spine to the tail and make a horizontal cut

4. Carefully run your knife along the rib cage and remove the flesh from the rib cage

5. Repeat this process on the other side of the spine and then flip the fish and repeat again on each side of the spine (yielding 4 fillets)

6. Clean up any blood lines or extra scales along the outside of your filet

7. You can remove the skin if desired

You can save the bones and the head to make a wonderful fish stock or a fumet!

Go filet!

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