How to Shuck a Clam (Video)

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There is nothing better in the summer than fresh, raw clams and a cold beer. If you can get your hands on some fresh little necks from your local fish store they are a great way to start any summer meal. You always want to make sure your clams are alive so you want to make sure they are slightly open and then tap them on a table to see if they close. If they do, they are alive. You always want to make sure your clam shells aren’t cracked or damaged. If they are, make sure to discard of these. You should always clean your clams before eating or serving, you can do this by submerging them in cold water and this will cause them to spit out any sand or grit. Biting into a sandy clam is totally uncool. After submerging your clams in water you want to give the shells a rinse and a scrub just to remove anything that is on the outer shell. After you do all the cleaning, here is an easy way to shuck your clam open. They are at times, tough little suckers to get into, but using this technique you will be able to successfully shuck open any bi-valve in the sea.

1. Clean your clams

2. Using a clam knife insert the knife into one side of the clam

3. Twist the knife and pry open the shell

4. Cut the clam from the two muscles attached to the shell

5. With your knife carefully loosen the clam from the bottom of the shell

6. Remove the top half of the shell for presentation and serving purposes

Enjoy! Happy as a clam!

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