How to Shuck an Oyster

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Want to be a mother shucker? Sitting down in a restaurant for a dozen oysters and a cold beer is one of our favorite things to do, but if you want to enjoy these bad boys in your own home we’ve made opening them easy for you. It just takes an oyster, an oyster shucker and a little muscle work. Here is our oyster shucker expert with some awesome tips to help you open oysters. Is shucker even a word?


1. Get your oysters and make sure you scrub the outside of them to get off any grit and sand

2. Take a shucker knife and a kitchen towel

3. Fold your towel and get a good grip on your oyster with the back of the oyster facing out

4. Take the tip of your shucker and insert it into the back of the oyster while pushing down with your towel (wipe your knife often to get off any dirt and sand so it doesn’t go into your oyster)

5. Once you insert the tip of your knife pull up and twist your knife and run along the inside top of the shell

6. Take off the top shell of your oyster and then using your knife

7. Loosen the oyster with your knife to cut the muscles holdingthe shell so you can slurp it up!

Good Luck! Maybe you’ll find a pearl!



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