How to Cook Mussels (Video)

There are so many recipes to make mussels taste delicious, but we have a recipe here that is awesome and will impress your guests. We want to thank Chef Michele Ragussis for this awesome foolproof recipe. All you need are a few simple ingredients and you will be on your way to making your mussels amazing. Don’t forget to make sure your mussels are alive, clean, and debearded before you cook them. We have a video that will also help you with this process. Go werk those mussels.

1. Wash, debeard and make sure your mussels are alive

2. Get your ingredients together

3. Mince your garlic

4. Mince your shallots

5. Cut your tomatoes

6. Heat your pan and add a little oil (canola, if possible)

7. Add your shallots and then your garlic

8. Let cook a little till some color appears

9. Add your tomatoes and then add your mussels

10. Salt and pepper your shells and add your white wine

11. Cover and let cook until all mussels have opened

12. Finish with a little cold butter and parsley

13. Serve with some crusty bread

Boy, you’re gonna love this.

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