How to Make a Lobster Roll (Video)

It’s time for lobster rolls! We have done massive amounts of research and even spent an entire summer in Maine cooking lobsters and making rolls out of those little buggers. The secret to a good lobster roll is a great bun perfectly toasted and the mayo to lobster ratio needs to be perfect. Here is a video to help you along the way and a video to show you how to cook and clean a live lobster so you can make the freshest lobster roll in town.

Things you’ll need

1. A good bun is imperative, get a brioche hot dog bun

2. Fresh lobster meat

3. Melted butter

4. Minced fresh celery

5. Fresh lemon juice

6. Mayonnaise

7. Salt and Pepper


1. Butter and toast your bun make sure the inside is steamed and soft

2. Cook your live lobster and pick out all the meat

3. Cut your meat into bite sized pieces

4. Use the knuckle, tail and claw meat

5. Mix a little mayo about a tablespoon into your meat

6. Add your celery, lemon juice and salt and pepper

7. Pile high onto your bun and enjoy


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