What the Heck is Mirepoix? (Video)

Ok, this is in recipes all the time and people have no clue what it is. Basically, it’s a trinity of vegetables. The most commonly used vegetables are carrots, celery and onion. You can make any type of variation depending on what flavor profiles you are trying to achieve in your recipe. Mirepoix is your aromatics and your base when you are beginning to build your flavors in a soup or stock. By the way, it’s pronounced meer/pwah, with a fancy French accent. Give it a try and use it in your cooking.

I. How to Make a Mirepoix

1. Choose your vegetables.

2. Cut them into desired sizes (larger pieces are good for dishes you will be cooking longer and smaller pieces for quicker cooking dishes).

3. Add to fat and saute’ to release flavors or add to your soups and stocks in the beginning of cooking.

Such a fancy word for such a basic technique!


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