Kick Up the Spice with A&B American Style Pepper Sauce

The hot sauce market is pretty full of contenders. Besides the traditional Tabasco and the now-sprawling empire of Sriracha, it’s hard to come by anything truly notable. That’s why we were so pumped when we came across A&B American Style Pepper Sauce. Locally made in Queens, this hot sauce is made with Brooklyn Grange habanero chiles and has absolutely no sugar or other preservatives. It’s got the vinegar-y bite of a Tabasco but with a clean, bright finish and natural sweetness from the carrots in its secret formula. We’re totally digging it on eggs, oysters, pizza, burgers, soups, or anything that needs a little somethin’ extra flavor. Don’t worry, it’s not so spicy you’ll be panting and unable to taste your food, which is great for those who can get a bit overzealous when pouring on the sauce.

We also totally love Ariel and Brian, the two founders and the namesake of the brand. These two energetic guys are always about town, bringing hot sauce to every nook of New York with the enthusiasm that can only be found from those who really, really love their work. They also have big dreams of changing the food world and helping people eat better. It’s all-natural hot sauce now, but we’re excited to see what it’ll be next!

You can find A&B American Style Pepper Sauce at Whole Foods Market, Westside Market, West Elm, Bedford Cheese Shop, and other great specialty stores around the country. Make sure to stock up your pantry because you’ll soon be whipping this out for every occasion!

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