Tea Kettle vs Electric Kettle (Video)

A lot of my friends have electric kettles. They swear by them. And why not? They take up less space than a conventional kettle, they heat up faster, and get to a higher temperature. Or, at least, that’s the idea. Unlike my friends, I wasn’t so sure. I decided to go out and get one and put it head to head with my tea kettle to see if all the hype is true. Here’s what happened.

The Setup

  • Both kettles were in the same price range.
  • Each would try to heat up the exact same amount of water (4 cups).
  • The tea kettle was stopped when it whistled and the electric kettle was stopped when it’s auto shutoff kicked in.
  • An infrared thermometer was used to determine the temperature of each kettle’s water once poured into the same exact mug.

The Results

The tea kettle had a temperature of approximately 180 degrees when done and took 4 mins and 54 seconds to get there.

The electric kettle had a temperature of approximately 175 degrees when done and took 5 mins and 1 second to get there.


Seems they both took about 5 mins to heat the water and both got it to a similar temperature. Unexpectedly, the tea kettle actually did it faster and got it to a higher temperature, if only by a hair.

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