7 Sexy Summer Drink Recipes to Get You Through a Day in the Sun

Summer is just around the corner and so are plenty of lazy days in the sun. What better to fill those days with than sexy summer drink recipes (you don’t have to try to think of something, we did a study and there is no better answer)? We’ve chosen some classic drink recipes that are simple to make and don’t take much effort as you idle through the morning, afternoon and evening. Inspired by fresh summer ingredients and delicious spirits, be honest, how could you not get in the mood…

Summer Greyhound


Our favorite breakfast cocktail by far. Packed with plenty of vitamin C to start your day the healthy way (that counts, right?). Plus we’ve added a little spice of cinnamon to increase your metabolism, in order to get your beach body looking good (again, still counts?).

Click here to check out our Summer Greyhound Recipe.

XXX Lemonade


So admittedly, when you think of the Queen of England, your next thought is not, SEX. But it has been rumored that both Elizabeth II and the Queen Mother enjoy a glass of gin everyday before lunch. No denying there is something sexy about royalty, so we are taking a hint from them and do as the royals do. *NOTE: They like to drink their gin with dubonet and fresh lemon, but we thought we’d lose the dubonet and keep our morning buzz going with some respectably X-rated lemonade.

Click here to check out our XXX Lemonade Recipe.

Sum-Rum Daiquiri


A small stream of conscience when contemplating summer could go like this: summer, sun, beach, bikinis, islands, island cocktails…RUM..more specifically, Kraken Black Spiced Carribean Rum. So why not have a classic daiquiri with lunch? Yes, if you’re counting this is your third drink of the day, which is why we suggest some food in your belly. (It is also your third spirit. Don’t worry, it is a nasty rumor that mixing alcohol is bad for you, as long as you stay hydrated and space it out…..TRUST US…we would never steer you wrong!)

Click here to check out our Sum-Rum Daiquiri Recipe.

Aperol Spritz


Time check: it’s probably late afternoon and since you’ve been following our advice, you’ve been drinking since morning, so if our calculations are correct, you just woke up from your afternoon nap. So it is definitely time for a sundowner (this is what we call anything we drink as we prepare to watch the beautiful skyline swirl through romantic colors of pink and orange in the sherbet sky.) Our favorite sundowner comes directly from the uber-always-super-sexy Italy.

Click here to check out our Aperol Spritz Recipe.

Vesper Martini


Let’s talk about sex, baby. Or James Bond. Whether you’re a man that wants to be him or a woman who wants to be with him, don’t fight us (we will win), James Bond, and whatever he drinks, equals sexy. Need we say more? Now that you’ve had your aperitif, it’s is time to freshen up and get ready for dinner. We would never let you do this empty-handed. Martini-time!!!

Click here to check out our Vesper Martini Recipe.

Sgroppino Cocktail


So….assuming you can hang with the big boys and girls, then you are still with us. (If not, don’t be afraid to break this drinking day up into three days: morning, noon, night. We won’t think less of you, and practice  makes perfect, so you can catch up before the summer is over.) Also assuming that you had wine with dinner (duh! that doesn’t count) it is now time for dessert. Back to the sexiest people we know, the Italians, they have given us a Sgroppino, which literally means to “untie”. Consumed after dinner to “untie” your stomach and help you digest. One word about the Sgroppino: YUMMMMM.

Click here to check out our Sgroppino Recipe.

Hanky Panky


Yes, that’s the actual name of this night ender. Created in 1925 by Ada Coleman at the American Bar in London. We shouldn’t have to tell you that the best way to end your summer day is with a little hanky panky…..you’ve trusted us (and we thank you)…so we will trust that you will already be in the mood and figure it out for yourself. Wink, wink.

Click here to check out our Hanky Panky Recipe.

We truly hope that we’ve inspired you in more ways than one, to enhance the good times that go hand in hand with this sun filled season.  Remember to please drink responsibly but don’t forget to raise a glass and toast to sexy summer fun. CHEERS!

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