How to Make Cheesecake Filled Strawberries

This will make you feel a little better about loving cheesecake. Instead of woofing down an entire slice you can make these awesome bite-sized treats and (if you have willpower) can only eat a couple. Unfortunately, willpower is something we lack occasionally and we caved and ate a bunch (whoops). This is probably due to the fact that cheesecake filled strawberries are really hard to put down and so easy to make.

All you need is to make a cheesecake filling, scoop out the center of the strawberries and fill them back up. Filling them back up is fun and you will be so inspired to get creative with the fillings. Below, we show you how to make a classic cheesecake filling with only a few ingredients and a little lemon zest to brighten things up, but you can add melted chocolate chips or even white chocolate to this filling if you want a more decadent bite.

The graham crackers in this recipe are totally optional, but we love the crunch and the play on that cheesecake crust. When you are picking out your strawberries it’s best to use the larger ones, but the smaller ones will work too. We suggest going to your local farmers market during peak season and pick out your favorite strawberries to fill. Wherever you get your strawberries, your guests will be so impressed with how delicious these are and you will be the hit of your next summer shin dig.

We went the extra mile for Fourth of July and decided to add a blueberry to each one just for a little red, white and blueberry patriotic touch. You can also add some colored sprinkles to the top or anything you find fitting for your next occasion. Get creative! Just keep in mind that you should refrigerate these until you are ready to eat them so that your berries stay bright and fresh, and they also only have about a two day shelf life so eat them quickly (this won’t be a problem, trust us).

 Click Here for the full Cheesecake Filled Strawberries Recipe

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