The Entire Secret Menu of Chipotle

If you dream of burrito bowls and mountains of guacamole, then your favorite Mexican food chain (I’m looking at you, Chipotle) is about to kick it up a notch. In addition to is regular menu posted above the food bar when you walk in, Chipotle has a secret menu, which is truly the company’s hidden treasure. This menu is not made available to the public, and some servers might not be aware of all the items, so be sure to be patient when ordering. However, it’s worth taking a trip to your local Chipotle to see if they have any of the secret menu offerings because it’s packed with mouthwatering Mexican classics and modern twists on old standbys that are sure to satisfy die-hard Chipotle fanatics and casual grazers alike.   So leave your mundane taco order at the door, because Chipotle’s secret menu is about to revolutionize the future of your food. And the future looks pretty delicious.



The Quesarito is widely hailed as the greatest offering on Chiptole’s secret menu. As its name implies, it is the extra-stuffed, wonderfully delicious lovechild of a quesadilla and a burrito. Instead of using a flour tortilla, the Quesario ingeniously uses a qusadilla encase your burrito. The crisped tortilla shell offers an extremely satisfying crunch, which gives way to cheesy goodness, and ultimately unravels into your burrito filling of choice. Why settle for settle for a burrito or a quesadilla when you can have both…at the same time.



The Burritodilla (essentially the inverse of a Quesarito) is a quesadilla filled with burrito filing inside it. However, the Burritodilla is lighter than it’s Quesarito counterpart because it is filled with half the regular portion of burrito filling, as compared to a Chipotle burrito. This enables you to enjoy the delicious flavor of your burrito toppings and the warm, gooey cheese of a quesadilla but with a little less guilt and a whole lot more secret menu fun.



If you’re in the mood for a childhood favorite, Chipotle’s secret menu also sports the iconic quesadilla, made with soft tortilla shells. You can elect for a classic cheese quesadilla, or you can dress it up with any of Chipotle’s meats or toppings. The quesadilla is a favorite off the the secret menu and perhaps the most well known.



Although the store does not openly advertise this option, Chipotle’s Nachos are a mouthwatering (and cost effective) way of loading up on all of your Chiptole favorites in one dish. These aren’t your standard cheese Nachos, which is probably why Chipotle wants to keep them a secret. You can pile your favorite meat, beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsas of choice and veggies on top of Chipotle’s fresh tortilla chips with a generous portion of melted cheese. These are probably the best Nachos you will ever experience from a fast food chain. Period.

Taco Salad


The Taco Salad is an extremely rare item off of the secret menu, but worth trying for. The taco salad is like any other salad you would order off the the regular menu, except it comes in a delicious fried tortilla bowl. As you dig in to your salad, you can crumble the sides of your tortilla bowl into your lettuce, meat veggies and salsa, creating a perfect crunch for each bite. Pro tip: if you can’t order a Taco Salad at your Chipotle location, order Nachos and add extra lettuce. The results are shockingly similar!

Single Taco


Not hungry enough to eat a standard portion of three tacos, but still craving a mid-afternoon Chipotle snack? Go ahead and order yourself one taco off the secret menu to satisfy that craving. Chipotle now allows customers to buy tacos by the single so you can eat light…or have an extra side for your quesarito.

Double Wrapped Burrito


Sure, your burrito is delicious, but if you can’t get enough of the tortilla shell, you’re in luck. Chipotle allows you to double wrap your burritos for an extra chewy experience. And, as an added bonus, your burrito will be far less likely to fall apart.

Fresh Cilantro and Jalapeños


Although these might be technically considered “ingredients,” you can add fresh cilantro and/or jalapeños to your food fiesta for no additional charge. Have  your server sprinkle in some cilantro for an extra zing of Mexican flavor, or if you’re feeling dangerous, add some jalapeños for spicy kick.



This is another very rare Chipotle item, but it is very easy to get your server to custom make it for you. Ambrosia is a secret Chipotle sauce that simply combines one part sour cream and one part hot salsa. Put it on your nachos, use it as a dip for your chips, or spread it on your quesadilla – no matter what, it will enhance your Chipotle experience.

Extra Fillings


Although your server will ask you for your choice of salsa and beans, you’re not just  limited to one kind! You can load up on extra beans and salsa for no additional price, so why not have some black beans and pinto beans with mild and spicy salsa on your burrito bowl. Additionally, if you order protein with your meal, you can get the fajita veggies free, so make sure to ask your server to toss those into your food as well.

So there it is, the entire secret menu of Chipotle, in all its double-stuffed, extra-cheesy, super tasty Mexican glory. Have fun experimenting, and remember to be kind to your server if they’re unfamiliar with what you’re ordering. Go forth and eat!

4 responses to “The Entire Secret Menu of Chipotle”

  1. KatieLoss says:

    Wow, I never knew this!! Love this article. I’m always looking for ways to tweak the regular menu, substituting one thing for another to personalize it, so knowing that there is a secret menu at Chipotle’s that even includes the ingredients is a fabulous resource for the discriminating Chipotle-loving consumer. Thank you Olivia Simon! This blog is so well written and useful. Keep your great blogs coming!!

    • Olivia Simon says:

      Thank you very much for your positive comment! Please post back if you’ve tried anything off the secret menu you’d like to share!

  2. Self proclaimed "Foodie" says:

    Ok…..after reading the amazingly descriptive Chipotle article by Olivia Simon, I’m heading in for some secret menu options TODAY! My mouth is watering, my stomach is growling and I feel so relieved that there is more at Chipotle than the basic menu items that are, well, uninspiring. Thanks Olivia…..who wouldn’t want something extra chewy, melty and crunchy to dip, slather and savor? Your descriptions are marvelous!

    • Olivia Simon says:

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Let us know what you try off the secret menu!

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