7 Mixed Drinks with Vodka for Summer

Vodka, what we often refer to as our favorite mixer, originated in Russia and is distilled from fermented grains. Because it is a neutral spirit, there are endless mixed drinks with vodka that can carry you through the summer. Hopefully you will pace yourself so that you aren’t the one needing to be carried.

The word itself, vodka, is interpreted from the Slavic word, voda, to mean “little water”. By our predictions, this summer is gonna be a scorcher, so we are all going to need a little water, that’s for sure. An always excellent rule of thumb, is to chug 8oz. of the real H2O after every adult voda beverage. This may literally get you through a summer filled with sun, fun and vodka consumption!

We’ve compiled some of our favorite vodka mixed drinks below, and strongly recommend you drink your way down the list. Our guess is that the further down you get, the happier you’ll be….

Boozey Palmer


Whether or not you follow sports, more specifically golf (that’s a sport, right?), you may have heard of a man named Arnold Palmer. Or you may have heard of a drink named the Arnold Palmer. The American golfer popularized the beverage which is made by adding about 1/3 lemonade to your iced tea. This is no doubt a refreshing summer drink, but we figure it can only be better if you add a bit of booze. Just imagine the old school flavors from childhood, Country Time Lemonade added to some classic Lipton Iced Tea, but this time around you’re an adult, so do as only an adult can do – spike it. Lipton has made it even easier by coming out with Cold Brew Tea bags that brew in cold water. What better addition for summer?  Try one, and if you have a few minutes to spare, you can sip it while you watch Will Arnett do what he does best, along with Arnold Palmer himself, talk about the origin of his drink:


Click here for our Boozey Palmer Recipe.

Moscow Mule


The Moscow Mule was invented in the ’50’s, and like most things that come back around, this drink has been once again popularized as one of the the most refreshing mixed drinks with vodka. The name is a nod to vodka’s motherland, and in our opinion, a perfect excuse to buy a set of copper mugs. Although you can drink this out of any glass you want, if you’d like to be cool and have this delicious iced down treat combat the summer heat, make the investment, it really does taste better in a copper mug. We’ve added some bitters to our recipe which really brings out some depth in this simple cocktail. Angostura works well, but feel free to experiment, there are a wide variety of flavored bitters out there. Fee Brothers is popular and has a great selection.

Click here for our Moscow Mule Recipe.



This is a clean, crisp, mixed drink with cucumber vodka that we adapted from the Ocean Drive recipe at Fluke Wine, Bar & Kitchen, where we stop every time we are in Newport, Rhode Island. Here we replaced gin with… you guessed it – vodka! One of our favorite qualities of vodka is that it is unpretentious. It doesn’t mind taking a backseat and letting other bright flavors be the stars of the show. We called to arms the fragrant summer salvations of lime, mint and cucumber, just to make sure you feel like you are oceanside with every sip. Whether you are watching the sunset or dining on summer fare, the Oceanside is a sure thing to accompany you all summer long.

Click here for our Oceanside Cocktail Recipe.

Vodka Fresca


If you have been following our drinking tendencies at all, then you are well aware that a Tito’s and grapefruit juice is a staple in our liquid diet. For our summer vodka fresca, we are adding an enlivening twist to a Greyhound: grapefruit soda. Now, if you are lucky enough to know a guy who knows a guy that sells Squirt, you win. But if not, don’t fret, any citrus soda like Fresca or Ting will do, or you can make your own with grapefruit juice and club soda. The word fresca means “fresh” in multiple languages, so even the name alone suggests the perfect re’fresh’ment for your thirst.

Click here for our Vodka Fresca Recipe.

Summer Berry Smash


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, OH MY! Now, is the time people. Pick them off the vine or snatch them up at the market and gobble them down by the fistful. Just make sure you save a handful of berries to smash up with some vodka to quench your heat induced thirst. A traditional Smash is an extremely flexible cocktail. It was made for hot days using whatever is on hand seasonally, and literally smashing it together to create the ideal summer beverage. You have our permission to get creative and choose any spirit and any fruit that you prefer, but only if you first try it our way. We like the acknowledgment when we are right about stuff.

Click here for our Summer Berry Smash Cocktail Recipe.

Frozen Vodka Bellini


Bellini’s aren’t just for brunch anymore. Right about now, as luscious peaches are juicy and sweet and making their way into your kitchen, is right about time to whip yourself up a Frozen Vodka Bellini. You can choose either Georgia or White peaches, but the sweeter the better. We are taking our cue, once again, from the Italians, who know how to live La Dolce Vida. By adding a little vodka to the traditional peach/prosecco combo, then mixing it all in the blender, we have succeeded in a true summer delight.

Click here for our Frozen Vodka Bellini Recipe.

Vodka Watermelon


Nothing quite sums up a unanimously favorite summer sweetness more than eating watermelon; from our sticky childhood fingers and faces, through the end of every barbecue, and even when eating watermelon as an adult took on a whole new definition of melon balls (we’re sure you’ve already cut a hole in the top of one, upended a bottle of vodka into it, let it marinate and then devoured every last drunken pink bite. If you haven’t yet checked this off of your summer to-do list, what are you waiting for???). The next question we seem to be asking quite often about all of our favorite things is: Why not make it into a vodka mixed drink?

Click here for our Vodka Watermelon Drink Recipe.

We hope you enjoy all of our favorite mixed drinks vodka has enhanced. Remember to drink responsibly and often. There are more drink suggestions coming your way, so if you don’t keep up with our recommendations, you may not have time to taste them all, and that would be an utter shame and we would really feel terrible. Please don’t let us down. CHEERS!

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