How to Make Watermelon Jell-O Shot Slices (Video)

We have a way to make your watermelon Jell-O shots look like real watermelon slices! You won’t believe how cool this is and how drunk and excited your friends will be after they have these. This recipe calls for using a real watermelon and scraping out the inside of it and using the rind as the holder for your shot. You have to pretty much scrape out the entire melon and refill it with a red Jell-O. Save that awesome watermelon and eat it or make some sorbet! When picking the flavor of your watermelon shots just keep in mind that the actual watermelon flavor comes out bright pink so you may want to make cherry flavored shots if you want that bright red color.

Now, another great thing about these shots is you actually cut them into slices. So, depending on how high (or low) of a tolerance you have you can cut different sized slices to give you a little buzz or get you schwasteddddd. We’ve also seen people put some chocolate sprinkles in your Jell-O to resemble seeds. Creative, but gross.

When you are thinking about putting together your next picnic don’t forget to give these shots a try they are sure to guarantee a good time. The amount of liquor and type you use is totally up to you, but we chose vodka. This recipe packs a pretty heavy alcoholic punch so if you want them less boozy substitute the vodka for water.

Click here for full Watermelon Shot Slices Recipe

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