7 Summer Desserts You Should Make

With Summer at its peak, now is the time to take advantage after the meal is over. Making a delicious Summer meal should always be punctuated with a delightful, light dessert that is appropriate for the season. We’ve found what just might be the best Summer desserts for you to whip up this season.

Grilled Peaches & Ice Cream


Peaches are the epitome of Summer for some, and are at their peak this time of year. The sweet stone fruit comes alive when you grill it, too, making for a stellar after-dinner (or, you know, lunch, breakfast, brunch — whenever) treat.

Easy to put together, grilled peaches and a nice ice cream of your choosing are always a winning combo. This simple recipe uses a simple method, but feel free to experiment a little as you see fit.

Melon Sorbet


Nothing is nicer than a nice sorbet to cool you down on a hot summer evening, and nothing is more refreshing than melon. I’m sure you see where we’re going with this one, and by now — you should be drooling. Check out this recipe for a melon sorbet that can be made once, and enjoyed all Summer. No, we’re kidding — it won’t last that long. You’ll need to make this one a few times.

Blackberry Crumble

In some parts of the country (Oregon!), blackberries are the surest sign of Summer. Once you see the blackberry bushes spring into action, it’s time to start picking and make desserts happen. This recipe for a blackberry crumble is sure to leave you wanting more. We suggest arguing with family and coworkers that a crumble is the same thing as a pop tart. That way, you can eat it for breakfast, too!


berry tart

No, we weren’t calling you names. That’s what we’re talking about here — tarts. Tarts can be made out of just about anything, but with Summer giving you so much fruit, why not take advantage? We suggest this recipe, which uses a mixture of fruits. Feel free to experiment, though, try out a mix you like and see where it takes you!

Strawberry Shortcake


Yeah, we know… this one’s a bit old school. Guess what? It’s also delicious. If you’ve never had a truly fresh strawberry shortcake, now is the time to give it a go. We like this recipe, which is as simple and effective as any you’ll find. If anyone gives you gruff for making this one, tell them we made you do it. Or, proudly proclaim you like to kick it old school, and some classics never die. If that doesn’t work, just don’t share it. They’ll be sorry then!



If you’re short on time, but don’t want to be caught short on flavor after dinner, try a granita. If you’re not familiar with granita, here’s a simple primer: it’s like gellato, except airy and light. After freezing the liquid, you just scrape at it with a fork to make it fluffy, almost like a sno-cone. The method is really simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to try it for every fruit you come across! We’ll suggest this recipe to start, and yes — it really is as simple as it seems. Once you get the hang of it, try it with different fruits or juices.

Ice Cream Sandwich


The ice cream man may still be rolling around, but who needs him?! You’ve got ice cream, and cookies aren’t hard to make. If you need one that isn’t so stodgy, we suggest this recipe, which uses a nice oatmeal cookie recipe. If you like, spike those cookies with some chocolate chips and see where that gets you. They can be made ahead and frozen if you like, but we both know you won’t let them sit in the freezer.


Summer is nearly over, so you better get cracking on these desserts! While these are some of our favorites, we’d love to hear what you enjoy on these hot Summer nights. Did we catch your favorite, or do you have one you’d like to share? Give your favorite a shout out in the comments section below!

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