How To Quickly Peel a Mango (Video)

Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. In fact, they’re even shown to have many health benefits, including helping diabetes, heart disease, and preventing cancer. Remember that when selecting a mango, make sure the fruit gives off a tropical scent (unripened mangos have no smell) and is slightly soft to the touch. Despite mangos’s long-standing reputation of  deliciousness, they often can be a difficult to peel if you’re inexperienced. Instead of struggling with knife skills while peeling and trying to locate the mango’s pit, watch our video below to show you how to quickly get to the meat off your mango.

1. To find the pit of the mango, roll it gently on a table, allowing it to naturally come to rest. The pit of the mango can be found at the center of the mango on its side.

2. Rotate 45 degrees so you don’t cut directly into to pit, and make a cut about 1 inch away from the pit on either side.

3. Take half of the mango and push the area between the skin and the meat of the fruit against the edge of the glass, applying pressure downwards will cause the meat of the fruit to peel from the skin and fall into the glass.

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