How to Eat a Whole Lobster (w/ a Professional Lobsterman) (Video)

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We went all the way to Maine to learn how to take apart these whole lobsters so that you can get the most meat out and be able to attend a lobster bake or even order a whole lobster when you go out to dinner. Our friend Aron, a Maine native, came out of the womb opening these things and he will show us an easy way to do it. A few tricks and pressure points you need to know and you will be zipping through an entire lobster in under five minutes flat.


1. Remove the arms from the body of the lobster

2. Remove the knuckles from the claws going against the joint

3. Remove the cartilage from the claw, by bending the piece back and forth and then remove from the claw

4. Using lobster crackers crack into lower part of the lobster claw to remove the meat

5. Grab the knuckles and using the crackers crack into the knuckles (there is not a ton of meat in here, but it’s really sweet)

6. Break the tail at the joints and then pull away from the body

7. Bend up the back part of the tail and take off the back, which will give you a little slot so you can push out the lobster meat

8. Push out the lobster meat from the tail

9. Peel off the back middle part of the tail where the waste is stored

10. Break the tail meat in half to clean out

11. For all you edgy eaters out there you can pull off the hood of the head and eat the “tamale”


Check out this lobster eating event so you can test your new skills!

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