How to Cook a Live Lobster (Video)

There are plenty of different ways to cook and enjoy a fresh, live lobster. In this video we show you how to easily steam one. When you are purchasing a live lobster you want to make sure they are full of energy and look healthy. You ideally want to eat them the same day you purchase them, but they can be kept alive for about a day in your refrigerator with a damp towel over them. Don’t ever submerge your lobsters in water because fresh water will kill them. There are a lot of different ways to kill your lobster and while cutting down through the eyes is considered the most humane way to kill them, we doubt most people will do it. We, and plenty of restaurants, don’t use this technique and simply throw their lobsters straight into the boiling water while they’re alive. It sounds morbid, but its part of the food chain (thank goodness we are at the top of it). So here’s how to steam a live lobster.

Steps to Buying and Steaming a Whole Live Lobster

1. Look for one that is energetic

2. Check for wounds, make sure shell isn’t cracked or damaged

3. Store them in the refridgerator with a damp towel over them or in a brown paper bag with holes in it

4. If possible, eat them same day

5. Get a pot with a lid and add about 2 inches of water to the bottom

6. Once your water is boiling add some salt and put in the lobster head first to instantly kill them

7. Depending on the size you will cook your lobsters anywhere from 10-14 minutes 1.25 lb lobsters generally take around 10-12 minutes

8. You can check if your lobster is done by pulling out an antenna if it comes out easily with no resistance he is done

9. Also if you see the chest starts to separate from the tail that is another clue that your lobster is ready to take out

10. You can also pull off a leg to see if the meat is cooked inside to tell if they are done

After you cook your lobster if you want to see how to take the meat from the shell click on the link below for our video.

 How to Eat a Whole Lobster

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