Video: West Village’s Daddy-O Shows Us How to Make Their Namesake Drink

In the heart of the West Village, we stopped by Phil Casaceli’s neighborhood spot, Daddy-O, to learn how to make their namesake drink. Phil doesn’t like to call himself a mixologist, but based on the menu’s impressive list of craft cocktails, we beg to differ! Daddy-O offers more than great cocktails, it has a solid beer list, outstanding pub-grub, and an exceptional burger (with homemade ketchup). Did we mention they are open until at least 4am, 364 days a year? Whether you’re looking for a place to chat and watch the game, or searching for high-quality late night snacks and drinks, this corner bar is a gem.

The Daddy-O is their signature cocktail, and it’s a punchy bitter, yet bourbon-y treat we highly recommend. The small corner bar’s notable whiskey selection seems never ending, and our favorite thing about this place is its ability to keep up with New York’s fixation on fine food and drinks without losing that local watering hole feel. If that’s not enough, we’d go in for the house-made drunken cherries alone.


  • Gary Regan’s orange bitters
  • Wild Turkey honey liquor
  • Wild Turkey small batch bourbon
  • Cherries


  1. Fill cocktail glass with ice to keep it chilled
  2. Pour three dashes of Gary Regan’s orange bitters into mixing glass
  3. Add 1 ounce of Wild Turkey American Honey Liquor
  4. Add 2 ounces Wild Turkey Rare Breed small batch bourbon
  5. Add ice to the mixing glass and stir
  6. Strain into cocktail glass
  7. Garnish with house-made drunken cherry
  8. Sip and enjoy!

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Have you been to Daddy-O or made this cocktail? Why not tell us about it?

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