Davina Thomasula

How to Cook White Rice

Rice Rice baby! Don’t be afraid to cook some white rice. Here is an easy way that will give you fluffy, amazing rice every time. Ingredients 1 Cup White Rice […]

How To Slice / Supreme an Orange

Nobody likes the bitter parts of the orange, so here’s how to slice one to avoid a bitter bite! Supreme is just a fancy word so don’t be intimidated by […]

How To Make Whipped Cream

Want to try making homemade whipped cream? Try this technique and you will impress your friends and family. Its really simple. 1. Take heavy cream and place it in the […]

How To Perfectly Hard Boil an Egg

Today, we show you how to get the perfect hard boiled egg everytime. Seriously… everytime… So follow the steps and be on your way to making a salad or an […]

How to Cook Kale

This cancer fighting superfood is actually really delicious and super easy to make. Besides being one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet it tastes delicious.  It’s a perfect leafy […]

How to Open a Beer with a Lighter

[onescreen item=”5076568″]   In this video, Davina shows you how to impress your friends by opening a beer bottle with nothing but a cigarette lighter. Enjoy!

Farm to Table and Back Again?

Alice Waters galvanized the ‘farm to table’ movement in 1970’s Berkeley, California where her famous restaurant Chez Panisse sourced (and still sources) only local ingredients to create their praised and […]

How To Make Croutons

Don’t waste your stale bread. Make croutons out of it and keep them for your soups and salads! Here is a quick and easy way to turn that stale bread […]

Ballin’ @ The Meatball Shop

These two born and bred New Yorkers, Executive Chef Daniel Holtzman and co-owner MIchael Chernow have quite impressive resumes and they have used their experience and drive to open this […]

Kiss My Grits @ The General Greene

If two for one bloody mary’s and bottomless coffee isn’t enough to get you in here for brunch, they do have some of the creamiest, delicious cheddar grits we’ve tried […]

A More Casual and Crafty Colicchio @ ‘wichcraft

Oh, how we love almost anything between two slices of bread. This place is great if you are in a rush and need a good homemade sandwich on the fly. […]

A Trip Won’t Go to Your Waist @ Dig Inn Seasonal Market

Healthy fast food. Sounds super boring, but this physical fitness take out place is actually not bad especially if you are dieting or just enjoy eating guilt-free food. They don’t […]

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner @ Corner Bistro Burger

It’s worth a try especially if you want to be considered a true New Yorker. The wait is usually long and the menu is small, but good. You have to […]

Getting Porky @ Porchetta

I woke up the next day with my eyes swollen shut from all the salty goodness in this slow cooked Italian fast food. For those of you not familiar with […]

Late Risers Get Breakfast All Day @ Le Gamin

Ok, so we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’ve had a rough night and sleep past noon you can skip the diner […]

Soup Dumplings Soup-er Cheap Find @ Joe’s Shanghai

I don’t know about the best in the world, but certainly really good especially for the price. The tables are all communal seating so if you don’t mind sitting with […]

Do or Die Pizza Pie @ Roberta’s

The outside of this place is nothing much to look at, but its a hip little pizza joint nestled between a bunch of warehouses and run down industrial buildings and […]

It’s August go to Grom for a Fancy Gelato

When is gelato not fancy? Anyways, this place is really good and this month cool off with one of their creative gelato flavors. If you can’t make a trip to […]

Simple Italian Done Well @ Babbo

Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich really bring Italy to New York in this amazing restaurant. They’ve been open since the summer of 1998 and the food is absolutely amazing. They […]

Worth the Stop @ Union Square Cafe

They were voted Zagat’s most popular restaurant for eight years in a row, here’s why. They have a really imaginative food and wine menu and they use local and seasonal […]

Lindy’s Deli and Restaurant Has Been Open Since 1921 and Should Have Closed in 1922

There are two locations for Lindy’s one on 32nd street and one at 53rd street. I’d skip them both. This place has an old New York diner feel minus the […]

Tom Colicchio’s Craft Restaurant

Tom Colicchio’s american nouveau restaurant in the Flatiron district is good. I went for lunch and had the veal ricotta meatballs and they were really moist and tender and bursting […]

Turkey Chili Recipe

Things You’ll Need: 2 lbs of ground turkey 3 cloves chopped garlic 2 diced bell peppers (color is up to you) 2 large cans of crushed tomatos (2 lbs) 2 […]

Fancy Asian @ Tao Restaurant

We went for lunch and it was pretty good. The ambiance of this asian fusion lounge is really what sets this place apart. Dark lighting, a coy fish pond, a […]