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How to Cook Mussels (Video)

There are so many recipes to make mussels taste delicious, but we have a recipe here that is awesome and will impress your guests. We want to thank Chef Michele […]

15 Spanking New Restaurants You HAVE to Eat At or We Will Spank You.

Thrillist just came out with a list of 16 new restaurants that popped up this summer in the big apple and we are crushing on a few of these openings. […]

2013 New York City Wine and Food Festival

It’s back! The New York City Wine and Food Festival, October 17th-20th is an event you don’t want to miss. This event is held by Food Network and it is […]

How to Cook a Live Lobster (Video)

There are plenty of different ways to cook and enjoy a fresh, live lobster. In this video we show you how to easily steam one. When you are purchasing a […]

I’m a Little Tea Pot @ Harney & Sons

This is for all the tea drinkers out there. We’ve stumbled upon a quaint little tea shop in Soho that is always buzzing. The front of the space is an […]

18th Annual Harvest in the Square

Here is an event on Tuesday, September 17th, you don’t want to miss. The 18th annual Harvest in the Square, is held in Union Square and is one of the […]

How to Make a Roux (Video)

[onescreen item=”5125132″] A roux is pretty much equal parts of fat and flour and is used as a thickening agent for soups and sauces. Making a roux is not complicated and choosing […]

New York Vendy Awards 2013!

Every year hardcore foodies enjoy some of the best of New York’s street food at the Vendy Awards. This award “ceremony” benefits the Non-Profit Street Vendor Project, which fights for […]

How to Shuck an Oyster

[onescreen item=”5125457″] Want to be a mother shucker? Sitting down in a restaurant for a dozen oysters and a cold beer is one of our favorite things to do, but if […]

How to Shuck a Clam (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122754″] There is nothing better in the summer than fresh, raw clams and a cold beer. If you can get your hands on some fresh little necks from your local […]

Let Me See You Lobster Roll! New York’s Most Talked About Lobster Rolls

Here comes the Maine event. Lobster rolls have always been a hit, but we are finding more and more places doing their own spin on these little crustacean sandwiches. We’ve […]

How to Filet a Fish (Video)

[onescreen item=”5123204″] If you are fileting a fish, whether large or small here is an expert to show us how it’s done. We’ve spent some time in Rockland, Maine with some […]

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill is Closing Up Shop

If you love Mesa Grill, you have one week left to get there because after 22 years of being open Mesa is sadly shutting its doors. Rumor has it that […]

Finally, Balls for Brunch @ The Meatball Shop

FINALLY! Meatballs for brunch! Why has this not been done a long time ago? The Meatball Shop is now serving a ball full brunch at its Upper East Side location. […]

How to Clean and Debeard Mussels (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122172″] There are so many ways you can make mussels. Whether it’s with garlic and wine or tomatoes or even some coconut milk, it’s really fun to get creative. Whatever […]

Might be the Best Deal in New York @ Pinto

When walking down the streets in the West Village, its so easy to walk right by this little inexpensive hidden Thai gem because of its small stature. Don’t be fooled […]

Stuffed Bagel Balls Are Coming to the West Village!

Stuffed bagels? Yep, you heard us correctly. “Stuffing” things have always been the trend, but Bantam Bagels, opening at the end of the month on Bleeker Street, is about to […]

Bacon Wrapped Wieners? @ Crif Dogs

Want a late night bacon wrapped hot dog? With two convenient locations, one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and one in the East Village in Manhattan you have to give this wiener […]

All About Brunch @ Clover Club

If we could use one word to describe this place, it would be swag. Its got an iron and brick exterior, the inside has some small tables, and two bars […]

Ready for Spaghetti @ L’Artusi

This tiny West Village Italian hot spot has made the cut for scrumptious Italian food in the big apple. When you walk into this west 10th restaurant, the smell of […]

How to Eat a Whole Lobster (w/ a Professional Lobsterman) (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122753″] We went all the way to Maine to learn how to take apart these whole lobsters so that you can get the most meat out and be able to […]

The Heat is On @ The Kin Shop

Calling all spice lovers out there, boy, do we have the dish for you. Chef Harold Dieterle, from Top Chef and Alicia Nosenzo have teamed up to open this contempory […]

How to Prepare a Korean Feast @ The Brooklyn Brewery

Who doesn’t love Korean food?! Well, here is a cool inexpensive event being held at the Brooklyn Brewery we thought looked like a good time.  It is on Wednesday, August […]

Cooking Seminar by Men’s Health Magazine @ The Institute of Culinary Education

Here is an event for all you guys out there that want to impress yo’ ladies and make them a dinner. This event is, of course, open to the ladies […]