Lauren Doucette

Belmont Stakes Party at mad46 Rooftop Lounge

Celebrate the 147th annual Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 6 at The Roosevelt Hotel’s mad46 Rooftop Lounge. The party starts at 4pm and is sponsored by Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey. […]

Taco Bell to Start Using Real Ingredients

In today’s news, Taco Bell has decided to start making its food out of… well… food. Woah, right? A move towards more wholesome ingredients is a bit of a shocker […]

The Frozen Yogurt Trend Appears to Have Run Its Course

Just a few years ago frozen yogurt was the coolest thing since sliced bread, with Pinkberrys, Yogurtlands, and other similarly named fro-yo joints spreading like wildfire. However, recently New York […]

New Trend Has Restaurants Grinding Their Own Flour

These days it’s nothing special to hear of a restaurant making their own bread or pasta, but many places are taking it one step further and grinding their own flour, […]

Street Vendor Caught Majorly Overcharging Tourists for Hotdogs

In case ya’ll weren’t aware –New York law mandates that street vendors must display prices for their food. Keep this in mind, and stick to the carts with clearly marked prices. […]

The Original Shake Shack is Up and Running Again

Today is the day, folks –the original Shake Shack has finally reopened it’s doors, just in time for summer! After a wait of seven long, tedious months (an agonizing two […]

Darrell Hammond is the New KFC Colonel

In what can only be assumed is an attempt to eclipse MacDonald’s new Hamburglar 2.0, KFC has introduced an ad campaign featuring an updated version of their own mascot. Playing the […]

A New Era for Williamsburg’s Oldest Bar

Teddy’s Bar and Grill, the oldest continually operating bar in Williamsburg, has recently come under new ownership. The bar, which has been a neighborhood fixture since 1887, had been owned by […]

DOH Letter Grades Aren’t as Straightforward as They Appear

The DOH’s letter-grade system for rating New York City restaurants seems like a great idea –let customer’s quickly and easily see how eateries stack up when it comes to health […]

Atera’s New Chef, Ronny Emborg

Those of you looking for an opulent and singular dining experience this weekend would do well to check out Atera. The tiny, ultra-posh tasting room has recently reopened with a […]

Cider 101

Cider 101 w/ Anthony Belliveau-Flores at Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen (Video)

Think you’ve got a pretty good handle on what cider is? It’s that thing your gluten intolerant friend always orders as a substitute for beer, right? Well, think again. Turns […]

Glowing Bar

Extensive Whiskey List, Local Vibe, And a Patio @ The Gibson

Looking for a bar in a great location, with a chill atmosphere, and extensive list of reasonably priced and awesome drinks? (Aren’t we all.) Save yourself some trouble, and head […]

Tuna and Shrimp Ceviche

Fresh Seafood, To Go @ Cevich

Lately there has been a huge surge in “fast food” eateries that go above and beyond the “almost-food” offerings of places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell; places that promise a […]

Almond Crusted Chicken Fingers

How to Make Paleo, Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers (That Don’t Suck)

Chicken fingers are a classic dish loved by the young, the old, and the drunk-at-3am-on-a-Saturday alike. And while no one’s gonna sit here and deny how yummy the greasy, fried, […]

Fourth Down

A Brooklynite’s Sports Bar @ Fourth Down

When you think “Williamsburg”, you don’t necessarily think “sports bar”. And while there may not be many, that doesn’t mean the ones that do exist aren’t great. Which brings us […]

Yogurt Gin Cocktail

Newest Cocktail Ingredient on the Block? Greek Yogurt & It’s Delicious

As great as your classic Manhattan and Gin & Tonic may be, it’s always fun to experiment with new cocktail recipes and ingredients. And, of course, there’s an ever growing […]

Chef Ed Brown of Lincoln Center Kitchen Schools Us on Salmon (Video)

Salmon is an extremely tasty and versatile food. It’s probably one of the few proteins that’s equally good raw as it is cooked. We recently met up with Chef Ed […]

“New Indian” Dinner w/ Simon Majumdar & Michele Ragussis

Recently ForknPlate had the great honor of following its very own Davina Thomasula up to New England to meet up with some old friends, and cook a meal with Simon […]

The Best (& Tastiest) Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a bastion of yummy, healthy, affordable food amongst a sea of Whole Paycheck health food stores and less than appetizing cheap-o markets (a la Ron Swanson’s go-to “Food […]

Homemade Dog Food: Better for Them & Easier Than You Think

The desire for people to know what goes into their food and the upswing of homecooking hasn’t just stopped at the human level. More and more folks are opting to […]

Here’s the Best Veggies to Add to Your Grocery List this Spring

Winter is over! Hip hip hooray! And while it may not feel like shorts and sandals weather yet (here in New York, we’re still battling the last few snow flurries), […]

Best New Places for Fried Chicken in NYC

Walk a few blocks in any section of New York and you’re sure to see some fried chicken joints. However, some are great and some are… just okay (I hesitate […]

New Restaurants You Absolutely Must Try This April

It’s officially spring, and after months of endless snow and bitter cold, that’s certainly cause for celebration. Good thing there are lot of great new NYC dinings spots for you […]

Whoopie Pies: A Delicious and Surprisingly Controversial Treat

Whoopie Pies have long been a classic dessert found in bakeries all around the US. However, with such a long-standing history, often passed down from generation to generation without much […]