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Kentucky Fried Blowfish by Chef Andrew D’Ambrosi, Bergen Hill (Video)

Despite its infamy for dramatic reality housewives (hey Teresa Giudice…), we must admit: Bravo gets it right when it comes to food. Lights… Camera… Action…. Chop, Chop. As a former […]

The 7 Oldest Restaurants in New York City

In New York City, keeping a restaurant in business for over a year is a major accomplishment– most restaurants close before they even have the chance to generate hype, reviews […]

How To Break Down a Whole Chicken (Video)

Butchering a chicken can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. Because of this, many people are reluctant to buy a whole bird, but breaking down a chicken […]

Orchard Peach Tarte w/ Ginger Ice Cream by Chef Macdonald of Hakkasan (Video)

For nearly two years, Rory Macdonald has been making Hakkasan sweet. The Executive Pasty Chef opened the restaurant’s flagship New York City location in 2012, and has been dishing out […]

How to Make Mango Chutney

Thousands of years ago, Hindu cooks discovered that spices went well with fruit, and that spices and sugary fruit mixed together slowed food spoilage. And then there were the flavors […]

How to Make General Tso’s Chicken at Home

Yes, there really was a General Tso. He lived in the 19th century and is one of Hunan province’s greatest heroes. Contrary to popular myth, however, he never tasted the […]

How to Make Delicious Slow and Crispy Egg-Fried Rice

Chinese cuisine may have been the first example of waste-not-want-not gourmet food. Leftover rice tonight? Fried rice tomorrow! Overcooked rice on the bottom of the pot? Deep fry it and […]

How to Peel an Entire Head of Garlic (Video)

Garlic is an extremely versatile seasoning, and just a little bit can make flavors in your dishes pop (as well as ward off Vampires!). Dice a little garlic and add […]

5 Delicious Uses For Pumpkin

How do we know it’s October? The pumpkin craze is in full swing! From your coffee shop’s classic pumpkin spice latte, to pumpkin pie at the grocery store, to dusting […]

Alex Guarnaschelli Drops Some Sick Beets on Us (Video)

As the daughter of a cookbook editor, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree for Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Growing up, the Iron Chef spent her youth sampling cuisine from […]

Fast, Beautiful Blondes: How to Make Mustard From Scratch

Sweet or hot, whole grained or smooth, Americans love mustard. Which is why, when I ran out a few months ago, it was a near tragedy. Not about to fling […]

7 Best Restaurants in Bushwick

Commonly known as that neighborhood that’s further out than Williamsburg, Bushwick is indeed a few stops further on the L train, but the neighborhood has plenty of unique character! Perhaps […]

Jalapeño Gin Fizz w/ Pedro Goncalves, Oceana (Video)

Oceana in Midtown New York is best known for – you guessed it – it’s fish fare. But Wine and Beverage Director Pedro Goncalves might tempt you to think about […]

The Gluten-Free Guide for Beginners

Gluten-free eating is an intimidating prospect in a culture of eating entrenched in breads, cookies, pastas, cakes, muffins, pretzels, pizza and many other glutenous carbohydrates. Many people, however, choose to […]

How to Make a Cookie Cup (Video)

If you’re a fan of milk and cookies (and really, who isn’t?), then adding a cookie cup into your dessert repertoire is absolutely essential. Cookie cups, as their name implies, […]

How To Quickly Peel a Mango (Video)

Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. In fact, they’re even shown to have many health […]

Maple Bacon on a Stick w/ Chef Matthew Lief, Landhaus (Video)

Food. Smorgasburg. Maple Bacon on a Stick. It can take some time (and a little convincing) to get Manhattanites off the island of hustle-and-bustle, but these three things usually do […]

7 Best Restaurants in Fort Greene

Fort Greene has become one of the best neighborhoods in New York, an area which residents are proud to live and where many New Yorkers vie to rent or own […]

Savory Sorbet? In an Oyster Shooter?! Chef Seth Levine Shows Us How They Come Together (Video)

Chef Seth Levine is the boss – and not just because he’s the Executive Chef at four New York restaurants (including Hotel Chantelle, Penthouse 808, The Stand, and Gurney’s Montauk […]

7 Best Bars in the East Village

Say it isn’t so. Toto, we’re not in the East Village anymore! Well, actually, it is still the East Village, but it is just not exactly the edgy-punk-hippie-gritty- art bohemia […]

How To Bake Bacon

Bacon is delicious in any form it comes in: wrapped around chicken, with eggs and hash, in sandwiches, and even as ice cream (yes, that exists). But, maybe you’re reluctant […]

7 Best Restaurants in Greenpoint

The traditionally Polish neighborhood of Greenpoint, in North Brooklyn, is full of great food.  Some of the best restaurants in Greenpoint serve traditional Polish food, while others couldn’t be further […]

7 Best Cake Recipes

Cake, cake, cake, cake. What even makes a cake a cake? Well, there are so many classifications of cakes that it can get a bit overwhelming. Sponge, coffee, cheese, butter, […]

How To Make Falafel

Falafel is an ancient Egyptian dish that has been widely popularized in the Middle East and has now made its way to American vendors on street corners and restaurants alike. […]