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Hot Toddys: A Cocktail Cure for that Winter Cold

So I always make it through all but the last vestiges of winter without getting sick and get really proud of myself for staying healthy. Then – you guessed it […]

Beef Wellington: Past and Present

Beef Wellington. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Beef from the land of the Cornish pasty, Beefeater Gin, and the Duke of Wellington. Surely this dish must have been created […]

Bulletproof Coffee: A Better Way to Have Your Coffee –with Butter and Coconut Oil?

When it comes to being trendy, coffee sits right up there with fashion and hairstyles –always changing, always making you feel like you just missed the boat on the next […]

Not All Honey is Created Equal: Your Guide to the Sweet Stuff

Honey is nature’s sweetest of treats. However, besides just tasting great on toast, honey has some health benefits, as well as non-edible applications. Though honey is mostly sugar, it contains […]

Beef Consommé: Elegant Comfort

Beef consommé has been a long time pantry staple for me. I use it in combination with beef or mushroom broth to make onion soup, French dip sandwiches, and the […]

Saint Patrick's Day Toast

Sláinte! Cheers to St. Patty w/ These Traditional Irish Toasts (& Cocktails)!

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and I’m sure we’re all making plans, stocking up on spirits, and making sure we have an entire outfit comprised of varying shades of kelly […]

Irish Soda Bread: A Recipe for Feast or Famine

Here in the US of A, Irish Soda bread has long been associated with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. As a child, I remember it making an appearance next […]

Potatoes: The Ultimate Guide

Ever wonder why the leftover Idaho bakers that tasted great last night taste awful reheated? Or what potato will make the best hash browns? Here are the answers to your […]

Welsh Rarebit. . . or is it Rabbit? Either Way, It’s Delicious.

On my 10th Christmas, Santa left a cookbook in my stocking. It was the first cookbook I ever owned, a small, spiral bound thing called Betty Crocker’s Good and Easy […]

Peanut Butter: Not Just for Dessert and Celery Slices

Peanut Butter gets a bad wrap. Ok, that’s not really true, peanut butter is greatly loved. (At least it is here in America. Europeans are still pretty confused about our […]

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Braising

Braising is one of the oldest known cooking methods, and one sees plenty of braised dishes on menus about town. Yet few people seem to know exactly what braising is, […]

Meatballs from Around the World: There’s Way More Than You Think

March 9th is National Meatball Day. For those of you unaware of this momentous occasion, or who’s calendar doesn’t include a mention of the holiday (what? Christmas, but no N.M.D?!) […]

Video: Drink Your Chicken! Chicken Tea Recipe from Langham Place

Langham Place is not your average hotel, with their impeccable design, spacious rooms complete with Empire State views, and luruxious spa. So, of course, it stands to reason that their […]

Fire, Dim Lighting, & Drinks: Seven of the Coziest Places to Go in Manhattan

New York apartments are small. But they feel their tiniest towards mid-march, when you know spring is trickling in, but it could be another two months of  cold. Holed up […]

What is Demi-glace Sauce?

There’s a good deal of confusion surrounding demi-glace. Many confuse it with the process of de-glazing – which is adding wine or stock to a pan to lift bits of […]

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Video: Measure Lounge’s Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

Today we’re going to learn how to make Nutella hot chocolate. Ok, so, first of all I think we need to take a moment to appreciate that such a magnificent […]

Hungover? Well, This Might Help. The Best Bloody Marys in NYC

The Bloody Mary, or god’s gift to the hungover, has traditionally been a beverage of great flexibility and experimentation. Its ingredients are as varied and numbered as the establishments who […]

What are Hybrid Vegetables

Hybrid vegetables have been making headlines as one of the major food trends of 2015. You may be wondering what exactly hybrid vegetables are. Well it’s simple really, plant breeders […]

Aïoli, Sauce of the Ancients

Aïoli, pronounced eye-YO-lee, is most often associated with Provence, the region of southwestern France famous for its lavender fields, the numerous shades of ochre mined from its cliffs, and its […]

Warm Up by the Fire w/ the Best Fireplace Bars in NYC

As the popular, and only slightly creepy, holiday tune loves to remind us “Baby, it’s cold outside.” And if you’re like me, you’re pretty darn sick of slushy snow, freezing […]

Forget Health Food Trends: The Top 10 Healthiest Foods that Stand the Test of Time

As the shine of the new year starts to fade, many of us are trying desperately to cling to our resolutions to “eat better,” “be healthier,” etc. However, sometimes this […]

Fashion Week is Over, but for Foodies, Fashion is Just Getting Started

Here at ForknPlate, we’re always eager to bring you the new, the tasty, the talked-about when it comes to New York City’s culinary scene. But food, and our fascination with […]

The Best New Ramen Spots to Try Right Now

It seems like even today many folks still wrongly relegate ramen to the realm of late night dorm food (even I tend to associate it with those horrid packages of stiff […]

Parmesan Lemon Roasted Cauliflower

Super Simple & Delicious Recipe for Parmesan Lemon Roasted Cauliflower

Though previously relegated to the realm of boring, tasteless side-dish, cauliflower has recently made a huge comeback –and rightly so. You can now find it prominently featured on many a […]