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The New York Jets Cook? Yup!

Here is something for all of you Jets fans out there. This may be the best $125 you ever spend. The Institute of Culinary Education is teaming up with the […]

The Greenwich Food and Wine Festival 2013 – Saturday Recap!

This Connecticut based food festival took place last weekend and had a really awesome culinary line-up. We were invited to attend the Saturday event called the “Culinary Village”, where 90 […]

Crawfish, Clam, Crab, Catfish, Oh My! @ The Boil, NYC

The Boil may possibly be the best/worst thing to happen to Cajun food lovers in New York. Nestled in the LES with a full bar in front and a large open-style […]

The Big Smoke Event @ Brooklyn Brewery

Edible Brooklyn, Brooklyn Brewery and Chef Nick Suarez of Backyard Cooking Company and Theo Peck, of the up and coming Peck’s in Brooklyn have reminded us of why food brings people […]

Hidden Burger Joint in a Swanky Hotel? @ Le Parker Meridien Burger Joint

We just thought this was cool. So you walk into the swanky, somewhat intimidating, five-star hotel lobby of Le Parker Meridien Hotel in midtown Manhattan and follow yellow neon burger […]

Run After a Snail? @ The Cinnamon Snail Food Truck

What the truck? Put your running shoes on to catch up to the Cinnamon Snail Truck in Manhattan. Yeah, yeah we know it’s a vegan/vegetarian food truck, but even if […]

Hot Dang! @ Num Pang Sandwich Shop

We have a crush on these Asian-inspired sandwiches. There are four locations, so you have no excuse not to hit up one of these little sandwich shops and sink your […]

NYC Food Film Festival 2013

Oh man! Here is an event for all you foodie/film people out there. On October 23-27th, 2013, the Food Film Fest will be in New York City. This event is […]

Edible Brooklyn is Bringing us a “Smokin'” Event!

Edible Brooklyn is bringing us an event you don’t want to miss, it’s called “The Big Smoke” and will be held at Brooklyn Brewery on Wednesday, October 2nd from 6 […]

Greenwich Wine and Food Festival 2013

Hey guys, want to get out of the city for a weekend? Here is an awesome foodie festival we thought you should know about. This is the third annual Greenwich […]

Run for Pizza! NYC Pizza Run in Tompkins Square Park!

Do you like pizza? Do you like to run? Here is an event you have to attend. Saturday, September 21st in Tompkins Square Park at 11am, runners and even non-runners […]

Cronut Holes + Shake Shack Concretes

Get excited for this line. Shake Shack is offering Cronut Hole Concretes for one day, and one day only. Even though it’s technically a sundae it’s not offered till Tuesday, […]

New York City Cupcake Run!

Here is an event for the cupcake lovers out there, it’s a “sweet” 5k aka 3.1 mile race. You will stop at 3 cupcake checkpoints along the way and stuff […]

We Make a Lobster Roll for Simon Majumdar, Food Network’s “Toughest Critic”

While I was in Maine recently, I was approached and asked to make a lobster roll for Iron Chef judge, Simon Majumdar. Simon is on a culinary journey across the […]

Attention Oyster Lovers! It’s Beer and Oyster Week – September 2013

We thought this was a steal deal event to kick off Oktoberfest! On Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th, Get Real Promotions and New York Oyster Week bring to […]

How to Make Cronuts the Easy Way (Video)

Make cronuts at home! In case you’ve been living under a rock, Chef Dominique Ansel has taken over the baking world with his cronut creation. This fried delicasy is a […]

New Pastry Hybrid from Chef Dominique Ansel: A Magic Souffle’

With his big Cronut debut,Chef Dominique Ansel has now introduced his latest genius pastry hybrid, the Magic Souffle’. It’s an Orange Blossom brioche with a Grand Marnier chocolate souffle’ inside. […]

Fried Chicken Sandwich @ Upright Brew House

This unpretentious West Village spot has everything you need to practically move in. It is a coffee-house, beer bar, café, and arcade all in one. There are about 15 seats […]

Rice Krispy Treat Me Right @ Treat House

We’ve all grown up eating Rice Krispy treats. Now, here’s a place that has made this cherished treat grow up with us. Treat House on the Upper West Side is […]

Does This Bug You? Are Bugs for Dinner the Next Trend in Food?

This is a food trend forecast that may really bug you. Crickets and other insects are packed with protein, really good for you and are a very sustainable food source. […]

How to Put a Lobster to Sleep (Video)

We’re not sure why you would ever use this, but we thought it was a good idea to put our lobsters to sleep before we cooked them. A little lobster […]

How to Make a Lobster Roll (Video)

It’s time for lobster rolls! We have done massive amounts of research and even spent an entire summer in Maine cooking lobsters and making rolls out of those little buggers. […]

How to Cook Mussels (Video)

There are so many recipes to make mussels taste delicious, but we have a recipe here that is awesome and will impress your guests. We want to thank Chef Michele […]

15 Spanking New Restaurants You HAVE to Eat At or We Will Spank You.

Thrillist just came out with a list of 16 new restaurants that popped up this summer in the big apple and we are crushing on a few of these openings. […]