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How to Wash Leeks (Video)

Ok, so what is a leek? Welp, it’s an awesome sweet onion that is great for cooking and adding awesome flavor to your dishes. They can be a little tricky […]

How to Shop at the Farmer’s Market (Video)

Nothing beats fresh and local and buying straight from the source, which is why we are in love with shopping at the farmer’s markets. We spend many hours at our […]

How to Make an Omelette (Video)

Don’t be afraid to make an egg omelette. There are so many ways to make one, but we’ve done the easiest one for you so that you don’t have to […]

How to Steam an Egg (Video)

Want a cool and different brunch/breakfast idea? Steaming an egg is so easy and you can use fun heat proof containers to do these in and serve them to your […]

How to Baste an Egg (Video)

This is an unconventional egg cooking method that actually can add so much flavor to your eggs. Basting an egg is simply adding a liquid to your pan and covering […]

How to Poach an Egg (Video)

Hey guys! Perfectly poached eggs can seem intimidating to some, but we have a fool-proof method that you can use every time. Go ahead and throw a brunch party and […]

How to Scramble Eggs (Video)

Hey guys, how do you like your eggs in the morning? If they’re not fertilized, why not scramble them. Impress your overnight guest with some perfectly scrambled eggs. You can […]

How to Cook Quinoa (Video)

This heart healthy seed that many people consider a whole grain is trending to be the super food of 2013.  Not only is it awesome for you, but it tastes […]

How to Core an Apple

Do you want to core your apple? Of core you do. Wow, our jokes are not that funny, but we have an easy, fun way to take out the core. […]

How to Put a Lobster to Sleep (Video)

We’re not sure why you would ever use this, but we thought it was a good idea to put our lobsters to sleep before we cooked them. A little lobster […]

How to Make a Lobster Roll (Video)

It’s time for lobster rolls! We have done massive amounts of research and even spent an entire summer in Maine cooking lobsters and making rolls out of those little buggers. […]

How to Cook Mussels (Video)

There are so many recipes to make mussels taste delicious, but we have a recipe here that is awesome and will impress your guests. We want to thank Chef Michele […]

How to Cook a Live Lobster (Video)

There are plenty of different ways to cook and enjoy a fresh, live lobster. In this video we show you how to easily steam one. When you are purchasing a […]

How to Shuck an Oyster

[onescreen item=”5125457″] Want to be a mother shucker? Sitting down in a restaurant for a dozen oysters and a cold beer is one of our favorite things to do, but if […]

How to Shuck a Clam (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122754″] There is nothing better in the summer than fresh, raw clams and a cold beer. If you can get your hands on some fresh little necks from your local […]

How to Filet a Fish (Video)

[onescreen item=”5123204″] If you are fileting a fish, whether large or small here is an expert to show us how it’s done. We’ve spent some time in Rockland, Maine with some […]

How to Clean and Debeard Mussels (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122172″] There are so many ways you can make mussels. Whether it’s with garlic and wine or tomatoes or even some coconut milk, it’s really fun to get creative. Whatever […]

How to Eat a Whole Lobster (w/ a Professional Lobsterman) (Video)

[onescreen item=”5122753″] We went all the way to Maine to learn how to take apart these whole lobsters so that you can get the most meat out and be able to […]

How to Make a Cosmo

This visually stunning martini is so refreshing anytime of the year. Most people debate the origin of the Cosmopolitan cocktail, but all we know is that it is a widely […]

How to Make an Old Fashioned

This old school cocktail is making quite the comeback and we are excited to show you an easy way to throw together this sophisticated cocktail. Here is a traditional recipe […]

How to Make a Manhattan

Even if you don’t live in Manhattan you can still drink this cocktail. Dating back to the 1870’s this cocktail is traditionally made with whiskey. The origin is still somewhat […]

How to Make a Mojito

Rum, sugar and mint are an amazing threesome. The mojito is a pretty fun drink (I mean, what alcoholic drink isn’t fun) It’s really easy to impress your friends with […]

How to Make a Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is such a refreshing cocktail to have in the summer. You can use ginger beer or even ginger ale. (We prefer the ginger beer it has much more […]

How to Chill a Martini Glass

Who wants a warm martini glass? This is the easiest way to chill your glass before making your “straight up” cocktail. It takes less than 60 seconds but makes a […]