Food 101

The Only 3 Beers Invented in America

Of all the boat-loads of beers lining shelves and filling taps at Americas many bars, only 3 styles were born-and-bred in the USA. All the rest have European roots. Steam Beer, […]

What is Peking Duck?

When I was in college at the University of Iowa, there wasn’t a lot to do on Sundays, so we banded together for Sunday survival parties. Lots of people, lots […]

What is Egg Foo Young?

Egg foo young, like chop suey and chow mein, seems like a relic from menus past, something Ralphie and his family might have eaten with their Chinese turkey in the […]

Gelato: The Taste of Summer All Year Round

Who can think of summer without thinking of summertime treats? That first spoonful of cool, intensely flavored gelato always gives me that under-the-Tuscan-sun feeling, no matter what time of year […]

Video: How to Make Chimichurri Sauce with 212 Steakhouse

There’s a scene in The Devil Wears Prada where a perfectly delicious-looking steak from Smith & Wollensky, carefully garnished with green, is rejected by the virago empress of fashion played […]

Bro Drinking Rosé

Video: What Happens When You Give a Bro Some Rosé?

Rosé’s resurgence in the US is arguably the most impressive comeback in the wine and spirits industry as of late. In 2013, American rosé sales soared a staggering 40%, succeeded […]

What is Souvlaki?

Add to the list of rapidly-vanishing New York establishments the walk-in souvlaki shops that used to be everywhere. Yes, there are places to buy souvlaki — food carts, Astoria, Queens […]

Chef’s Salad: Long Live the King

One of the great perks of modern living is being able to have fresh, crisp salad greens on hand all year round, no farther away than your refrigerator. And when […]

Kalustyan’s: Find Amazing Ingredients from All Over the World

I’m always amazed to come across savvy New Yorkers who don’t know about Kalustyan’s, but if you’re an ardent food lover, you’ll be hooked the minute you walk through the […]

Bisque: Elegant But Oh, So Simple

There’s a phrase in the food lexicon that I love – mouth feel. It’s the way you experience food once you put it in your mouth, and I love it […]

Food Causes and Prevents Cancer

Foods that Both Cause and Prevent Cancer: Why You Shouldn’t Trust Individual Scientific Studies

We are constantly inundated with the latest scientific studies telling us what we should and shouldn’t eat. So much so, I often wonder if sometimes that information blatantly conflicts with itself […]

Cider 101

Cider 101 w/ Anthony Belliveau-Flores at Cooper’s Craft & Kitchen (Video)

Think you’ve got a pretty good handle on what cider is? It’s that thing your gluten intolerant friend always orders as a substitute for beer, right? Well, think again. Turns […]

What is Jambalaya?

With roots in France, Spain, Africa, the Caribbean, and Native America, jambalaya is about as USA as food gets, a literal melting pot of cuisines and cultures. It’s one of […]

Paris on Your Plate: The Croque Monsieur

With a name that’s most often translated as “crispy mister,” you might think this sandwich was destined to appear on a fast food menu. And so, eventually, it did. From […]

What is Chicken Paprikash?

When 16th century explorers began sending new foods back from the Americas, it was as if a giant cornucopia had been emptied over Europe. Italy and Spain made tomatoes a […]

Yogurt Gin Cocktail

Newest Cocktail Ingredient on the Block? Greek Yogurt & It’s Delicious

As great as your classic Manhattan and Gin & Tonic may be, it’s always fun to experiment with new cocktail recipes and ingredients. And, of course, there’s an ever growing […]

Goulash: A Fascinating Dish of Necessity

When I was very young, my mother sometimes presented us with a casserole dish called goulash, made of hamburger, spaghetti, something tomato-ish, and a can of alphabet vegetable soup. Even […]

The Best (& Tastiest) Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a bastion of yummy, healthy, affordable food amongst a sea of Whole Paycheck health food stores and less than appetizing cheap-o markets (a la Ron Swanson’s go-to “Food […]

Homemade Dog Food: Better for Them & Easier Than You Think

The desire for people to know what goes into their food and the upswing of homecooking hasn’t just stopped at the human level. More and more folks are opting to […]

Cherries Jubilee: Simple Yet Grand

Twice a year, I celebrate the fact that sometimes life really is just a bowl of cherries. One of these occasions is July 4th, when cherry pie is the order […]

Here’s the Best Veggies to Add to Your Grocery List this Spring

Winter is over! Hip hip hooray! And while it may not feel like shorts and sandals weather yet (here in New York, we’re still battling the last few snow flurries), […]

Best New Places for Fried Chicken in NYC

Walk a few blocks in any section of New York and you’re sure to see some fried chicken joints. However, some are great and some are… just okay (I hesitate […]

New Restaurants You Absolutely Must Try This April

It’s officially spring, and after months of endless snow and bitter cold, that’s certainly cause for celebration. Good thing there are lot of great new NYC dinings spots for you […]

Hot Cross Buns Featured

Hot Cross Buns: A Tasty Bite of Easter Tradition

Hot cross buns seem to be making a comeback in the U.S. Though always popular in the U.K. and Australia, where the buns are in such high demand that bakeries […]