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Best “Bang” for your Buck: Best Valentine’s Day Prix-Fixe Menus

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day of expensive chocolates, hallmark cards, and high expectations (oh yeah, and love). If you’ll be spending the evening out and about in New York, you […]

Don’t Ruin It at Dinner: What to Order and Not Order on a First Date

Ahh the season of love is upon us. That’s right… It’s February. Single or not (yes, those of us in relationships get lazy, too) February reminds us to dip a […]

Béchamel Sauce: The Workhorse

Photo Credit: Venice Gastronaut Béchamel sauce is a key ingredient in hundreds of recipes, from simple dishes like creamed peas to elegant cheese soufflés. At one time considered a sauce […]

Velouté Sauce: The Versatile Stranger

Photo Credit: Bamitbach  Don’t know a Sauce Velouté from a Sauce Mornay? Me neither. So the other day when I was making a soup recipe that called for “a quart […]

Marinara Sauce: The Sauce that Shook the World

Marinara sauce is one of the world’s great sauces. And, I would venture to guess, the sauce that’s made the most often, found on the most grocery shelves, and served […]

What are Bitters?

Photo Credit: Peruse the cocktail list at most bars these days and you’ll surely catch at least a few mentions of “bitters” in the ingredients list. But what exactly are […]

What is Béarnaise Sauce?

You may have seen Béarnaise on a menu and wanted to ask, just what is Béarnaise sauce? Well, no mysteries here. Sauce Béarnaise, to use the French phrasing, is one […]

What are Mother Sauces?

Before explaining the five mother sauces, let’s back up and look at what a sauce itself is. In the most basic sense, a sauce is a liquid that has been […]

What is Bagna Càuda?

Recently, when I told a cousin that I was planning to make bagna càuda for a party, she replied, “What is bagna càuda?” I was surprised because this cousin and […]

What is Coq au Vin?

Contrary to what its pronunciation suggests, coq au vin is not a new food truck dispensing hot chocolate, although that’s not a bad idea either. The literal translation – “rooster […]

Video: Lobster Cupcakes w/ Chef Kevin Long at Boston’s Empire Restaurant

It is a truth self-evident that cupcakes and lobster are two of the best foods currently in existence. But lobster cupcakes? Sounds intriguing at best, possibly unappetizing at worst. If nothing […]

The Best Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Who wants to deck the halls without a christmas cocktail in hand? Christmas drink recipes are of plenty this time of year, and we’ve searched far and wide to find […]

What is Prosciutto?

You know it’s delicious. And expensive. And it lays just right across a slice of melon. But have you ever wondered, Exactly what is prosciutto and how did it get […]

4 Places to Drink Fantastic Pisco in New York

I’m sipping Pisco Punch followed by a tasty Pisco Fashioned, at Museo Del Pisco in Cusco, Peru, an interactive Peruvian “museum” that’s less about information overload, and more about the sampling. I don’t know if it’s the […]

Mustard: Mankind’s First Flavoring?

Next time you spread mustard on your ham sandwich, consider this: you’re just repeating history, and very ancient history at that. Mustard seeds were chewed with meat to add flavor […]

As Russian as it Gets: The History of Beef Stroganoff

The commonly accepted history of Beef Stroganoff is that a French chef who worked for a wealthy St. Petersburg family created the dish for a cooking contest in 1891. Following […]

4 Restaurants in NYC That Take You on a Journey

Recently I found myself at the foot of Machu Picchu, glass of Chicha (fermented corn beer) in hand, watching two Peruvians dig a hole in the dirt and line it with rocks […]

Longevity Cocktail w/ EV Lazar, Buddakan (Video)

While some of you may know Buddakan as that it spot in the Meatpacking District where Carrie Bradshaw had her Rehearsal Dinner (or maybe that’s just me?), Buddakan is also known […]

Have Ice Cream in the Cold: 7 Best Affogato Spots in New York

Think it’s too chilly to enjoy your favorite scoop of ice cream? Think again! Affogato, a shot or two of espresso with a scoop of gelato, is a popular treat […]

From Haute to Hoagie: The History of Mayonnaise

Eggs, Oil, and Dangerous Liaisons Try this for six degrees of separation: what links John Malkovich, Colin Firth, and mayonnaise? Malkovich and Firth both played the seductive, amoral Vicomte de […]

Best Restaurants to Eat Bugs at in Manhattan

Please pass the worms isn’t something I thought I’d say, but in lieu of Halloween why not add a few creepy crawlies to the diet? Insects are a vital source […]

Sausage and Pepper Sliders w/ Jonathan Kavourakis, Stanton Social

For Jonathan Kavourakis, the Chef de Cuisine at The Stanton Social, food is family. As a first generation Greek American and the son of a baker, Jonathan has always been a hard worker. […]

Unlimited Coffee for a Flat Monthly Fee? We’re Listening…

It’s no secret that food and beverage-themed apps are beginning to dominate the unofficial “I don’t carry cash, anymore” section of your smartphone’s conveniently synced-up store. The trend is being […]

The 7 Oldest Restaurants in New York City

In New York City, keeping a restaurant in business for over a year is a major accomplishment– most restaurants close before they even have the chance to generate hype, reviews […]